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4 Secrets for Taking a Romantic Honeymoon on the Cheap

Taking a second honeymoon is a great way to recreate the magic or recapture the feeling of young love. Here’s how to dial up the romance while keeping it affordable. While you may have a specific destination in mind, this is a good time to look at other options because travel providers in non-traditional honeymoon destinations are discounting aggressively to attract new customers. Plus, a little spontaneity can do wonders to rekindle that romantic flame.

Let the deal be the inspiration

The trick is to be flexible with your travel plans to get the most mileage for your dollar. You can get a similar experience in so many different ways. Let’s say you’re looking for a beach getaway; instead of Hawaii, you could trade off for a similar, discounted experience in the Caribbean. Paris can get expensive fast, so you could trade off for Buenos Aires or Quebec. Instead of the Hamptons, take an affordable trip to San Diego

Book sooner rather than later

If you had asked me two years ago what the best time was to book a big encore honeymoon, I would have said anytime. These days, however, we all know that the economy is on the rebound, and so are travel prices. Now my advice is to book sooner than later because amazing deals are more limited and can go fast. But this might be good news for those romantics out there. By planning and booking your trip early, you’ll have plenty of time to anticipate your romantic getaway.

Ask for honeymoon extras

Hotels and packagers continue to throw in tons of complimentary extras such as massages, room upgrades, and private plunge pools that make some packages very honeymoon-worthy. Be sure to look for and compare extras when making your booking decision—you should expect these freebies as they don’t cost hoteliers too much. But if they aren’t specifically included in your preferred booking, be sure tell the property or packager up front that you’re on your honeymoon. Travel providers love to keep their customers happy and love rewarding special occasions with a little something extra.

Look at all-inclusive resorts

All-inclusive and packaged trips can make for the perfect dream honeymoon, even if it’s your second one. They provide a fixed cost for most of your travel needs, as well as a wealth of options once you arrive, and that can take much of the planning burden off your hands. These trips also include tons of add-ons in order to entice leisure travellers, such as food and drinks, and activities like tours, rounds of golf, salsa lessons, kayaking, and shows. Plus, packagers often get exclusive, cheaper pricing on airfare and hotels when they’re bundled together, so saving hundreds of dollars on these trips is very possible.