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4 Instagram Marketing Tips Every Photographer Must Know

Instagram is a perfect, native place for photographers to promote their business and find new audience, as it’s the only social media platform that is based on photography and one of the leading digital marketing sites to date.

The platform is consistently growing the number of daily and monthly active users by seven figures and adding new abilities for visual expression on the regular. There is really no excuse for any photographer who wants make a living off their artistry or otherwise bring more attention to it, to not be present and active on Instagram.

1. Keep your bio looking simple and tidy

The first thing your Instagram profile visitor sees is your username, profile picture and description. The most important rule for usernames is to make them readable and as short as possible – it can (and needs to!) be used as a hashtag as well. Nobody has time for trying to read something long and hardly legible, moreover, in real life situations when you or your audience brings your Instagram to the conversation, it is much easier to pronounce a short and simple username and therefore easier for others to find.

User pictures that have a face on it proved to be more attention bringing, as well as more assuring that there is a real person behind the account. However, if you previously worked on branding your artistry and designed a logo, go right ahead and make it your Instagram profile picture! The bottom line is the more eye-catching and comprehensible your avatar is, the better.

2. Use Instagram stories to share backstage photos

Every photographer’s approach is different, and if you are not the kind to fill your profile with anything besides retouched, portfolio-worthy photos, you should fill the gap by sharing daily work life with your audience through Instagram stories. Show off new equipment, run polls to let followers participate and engage, tease the audience with sneak peeks of upcoming content, share where you are going and what are you up to work on next.

3. Make your content more visible and find inspiration through hashtags

Contrary to common belief, the most obvious and popular hashtags, such as #photographer #photography #landscape and the like are not working good for visibility because they are already way overcrowded and the chances your posts will be noticed are really, really low.

It’s better to use more niche hashtags and browse the posts containing them for new good hashtags ideas. Take a look at this list for suitable hashtags, and find new ones with the help of Combin tool. Launch Combin, create new hashtag search and insert one of the hashtags from the previously mentioned list. After receiving search results, sort the posts by either number of likes or number of comments to see the hottest content that was uploaded under the chosen keyword. Next, you need to click on one of the posts with the right mouse button and pick ‘Add a search’ from the drop-down menu, then click on one of the hashtags. (pic1)

4. Post on time and in the right size

You pick your own posting schedule, it could be a couple of specific, the most engaging days a week (read: Saturday and Sunday), every other day, or every three days, it’s entirely up to you. However, what should be always kept in mind is consistency – a rule of a thumb is to not break the pattern once you’ve started it, otherwise the following post after the break will get less attention. Don’t overshare either, most people find it annoying. The optimal is to post at least 2-3 times a week.

Speaking of the right size, fortunately, the days of mandatory square photos are long gone and Instagram expanded its size chart. Nevertheless, it still has specific image resolution rules and your beautiful photographs will be cropped in case they do not meet the following standards.